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How to plan for your Yacht Charter

Going out at sea is a must when in Malta. If you booked or are making plans of chartering a yacht, there are certain things you need to plan for to make the utmost of this fantastic experience.

While having a qualified skipper will make your life easier in terms of planning the day and having the required knowledge to sail in Malta, it would still be very useful to know about everything that one is required to do and consider before departing on a trip.Continue reading

OCEAN Charters – Isle of MTV 2015

Esprit Yachting hosts the MTV CREW aboard Azimut Yachts for the fifth consecutive year!! Yacht Chartering in Malta at it’s best!!
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“Superb Experience”

OCEAN provided an amazing experience for all guests on board 🙂 We experienced the amazing Maltese islands in their full glory – top notch service at all levels! – Diane Borg Bascetta


It’s a hard life: Lady in red Nelly Furtado puckers up following photo shoot on a boat as she jets into Malta for Isle of MTV concert.

Earlier in the day the I’m Like A Bird hitmaker was spotted looking slightly less dressed as she wore a dressing gown on route to a photoshoot.

She travelled in style by boat as she hid her clothes underneath the robe.Continue reading