Prepare for your yacht charter

How to plan for your Yacht Charter

Going out at sea is a must when in Malta. If you booked or are making plans of chartering a yacht, there are certain things you need to plan for to make the utmost of this fantastic experience.

While having a qualified skipper will make your life easier in terms of planning the day and having the required knowledge to sail in Malta, it would still be very useful to know about everything that one is required to do and consider before departing on a trip.

Planning Your Itinerary

Planning your day is key to ensure your charter is a success. Essential factors that you need to take into consideration include the weather, season and the crew that will accompany you.


90% of days in Malta are windy but that does not necessarily mean that you have to cancel subject to reasonable conditions. Malta is full of enclosed bays that will allow you to berth in sheltered areas and enjoy this experience just the same. Therefore, as the weather can only be forecasted a few days before your charter. Our tip is that you lay out some options that will save your trip in case the weather is not at its best. Being familiar with the Maltese waters helps too.


Malta’s coastal areas can be quite busy during peak months, which are from June to September. Hot spots like Blue Lagoon in Comino or Mellieha Bay tend to be quite crowded especially during the weekend. While these are a must, if you are hoping to go out on a peaceful and relaxing experience, our tip would be to limit your time here and find other spots. Hidden coves and bays around Comino or even the island of Gozo are only a few minutes away.


Anyone would be super thrilled to discover as many places as possible around our beautiful coasts. However, keep in mind your crew especially if they are children. Be sympathetic towards their expectations of the day. Try and balance your time between the amount spent on the water and other things that will keep them interested.

Safety at Sea

If you are handling a boat make sure you are familiar with the safety regulation and keep within the relevant speed limits. Driving responsibly is a must both for your crew, other boat owners and most importantly bathers. Malta has a number of swimmers’ zone that ensure safety to all bathers. Speed limits have been set where there is a higher risk of encountering snorkelers, scuba divers and bathers or where reefs or other factors representing a risk to those on the sea craft can be found. The speed limits for all crafts is 10kts within 200 meters from rocky shores, within 300m from sandy beaches and in all Ports. The speed limit in Marinas is of 3kts while the speed limit buoys is between 5kt to 10kts.

Brief your Crew

It is a fact that the skipper will have everything regarding the trip in hand. However, it is important for the skipper to nominate a First Mate to share responsibilities with in case of an emergency. An appropriate First Mate should be aware of everything that the trip will represent. Always involve your First Mate in the planning. It is also a good idea to brief the rest of the crew as this will make them feel more involved and looking forward to how the day will evolve. If some of the crew have never been out at sea before, brief them on what they need to bring like type of clothing and swimming gear.


The day will not be complete unless it is accompanied by your favourite food and beverage. If you are planning on behalf of your family or group of friends, be sure to ask everyone joining on the trip about their preferences. It would be a good idea if you double check about any allergies or other dietary requirements that they may have.

If you are interested in booking a private charter, please contact us on [email protected]. We will take care of every aspect involved in planning your charter, including itinerary and catering. All you need to do is take your personal belongings and enjoy a carefree and relaxing day on board our luxurious OCEAN.

OCEAN is an Azimut sport open cruiser range – Atlantis 48, equipped with a Williams jet tender as well as a fun tube. This is the ideal choice for those who want to conquer the sea while enjoying breath-taking views of the Maltese coastline.

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